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Andover Golf Club's new advance academy juniors in action

Photo taken on Sunday the 2nd of May 2021 with the juniors doing short gameskills. 

The new golf professional at Andover golf club Terry Gosden organised a full coaching afternoon for all the juniors at the Club.

The afternoon session brought all our new junior members together to meet our existing ones.

Terry Gosden first set up a bonding meeting to discuss competitions and coaching opportunities for the junior section. This was followed by some short game coaching and skill tests. Once the coaching was completed the juniors played 9 holes on the course under assessment by Aaron and Phoenix two low handicap members and Terry.

All the juniors were assessed both on short game skills and playing ability. Andover juniors has decided to enter a team into the Hampshire
league this year, as we have more than 12 active juniors with handicaps at the club. 

Terry Gosden is also running a young beginner class every Saturday
afternoon at 3pm.

Please come and join us.


Golf tuition at Andover golf club

PGA professional Terry Gosden

Individual one off lessons

30min £25.00

45min £35.00

60min £45.00

60min golf lessons can by shared by two people at a cost of £50.00. 

sessions can include the use of a launch monitor and video.

Individual lesson packages

Par package (4x 30 min lessons £90.00)

Birdie package (4x 45 min lessons £130.00)

Eagle package (4x 60 min lessons £170.00)

The above lesson packages include a mixture of full swing and short game tuition.

These packages are designed to improve your full swing technique and sharpen up your
putting, bunker play and short game shots around the green.

Individual Albatross package 

(3x short game 30 min lessons)

(3x full swing 60 min lessons)

( 1x 120 min 9 hole playing lesson)

Package cost £275.00

The Albatross programme is the complete improvement golfing package focusing on all
aspects of your game. Full swing tuition, shot making, short game skills and

a 9 hole playing lesson with the professional.

On the course playing lesson

Individual (90 min Playing lesson 6 holes) £60.00

Individual (120 min Playing lesson 9 holes) £80.00 

An on course playing lesson is the perfect way to see any golfer in action.
Focusing on course management, club selection, shot choices and playing
potential. A playing lesson also allows the coach to fully understand the
golfers tuition needs going forward.

Junior coaching

Individual lessons

30 min £20.00

45 min £30.00

60 min shared lesson £40.00 maximum of 3 children

Academy kids one hour group lessons

weekends and after school

£5.00 each

Ladies coffee morning group lessons

90 min £20.00 each

Maximum of 4 golfers per session

Seniors group coaching sessions

90 min £20.00 each

Maximumof 4 golfers per session

The group sessions will concentrate on all aspects of the game.

Short game

Chipping: around the greens

Pitching: high over bunkers

Putting: stop the three putts

Long game

Driving: Hit your tee shots longer

Fairway woods: stop the topping

Irons:  greens in regulation

For all coaching details please contact

PGA Professional Andover Golf Club

Terry Gosden


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