The Pro Shop

Pro Shop

Available products:

  • Motocaddy electric and push trolleys
  • Under Armour clothing includes shirts, jackets and waterproofs
  • Foot joy golf shoes
  • Motocaddy, Powakaddy, Ping and Taylor made golf bags
  • All brands of golf balls and gloves

Custom fitting service on the following brands in our brand new indoor swing studio:

  • Callaway
  • Ping
  • Cobra
  • Taylor made
  • Titleist

Golf Grips

Re Gripping Service

The Andover pro shop has a good stock of putter and normal grips to choose from. We provide a YUW or over night re gripping service.

Normal Golf Grips

These come in four different sizes, depending on your hand size.

It’s very important to be measured professional for the correct grip size.

Undersize, Standard size, Midsize and Oversized

Correct grip size allows you to hold the club in the correct position with the right grip pressure and in turn, will give you more consistency and distance.

If your grips are more than 3 years old they generally become very shiny and slippy and as a consequence you have to hold onto the grip with a tighter grip pressure, which can have an effect on your distance and control.

Club Repairs & Club Rebuilding

Repair services include the following:

  • Re Gripping
  • Re Shafting
  • Shaft flex testing
  • Loft and lie adjustment
  • Swing weighting testing

Terry Gosden The professional at Andover golf club has over 40 years of experience in the art of club repairs and total club re-building.

Terry as a young assistant professional, was trained in the art of club repairs back in 1978 at St Goreges Hill golf club under the wing of the late and great Mr Barry Willett. Majority of European tour players would visit Mr Willett during his long career as a club maker at St George’s Hill.

So the pro shop has the necessary machinery and experience to professional carry out all these technical golf club repairs to extremely high standards.


Service & Repairs Of Electric Trolleys

Terry Gosden at Andover golf club has serviced and repaired Powakaddy and Motokaddy electric trolleys for the last 25 years.

A full service includes working on the following parts of the trolley:

  • Front wheels
  • Rear wheels
  • Crease motor
  • Gearbox and axle
  • Electrics
  • Lubrication to parts
  • Frame and rivet check
  • Valet the whole trolley

If you want reliability from your trolley, it’s really important to have it fully serviced every two years.

Cost of a full service is £40.00, Cost of a full service and a full valet is £50.00.

If your trolley stops working or broken please bring it to the pro shop and l will assess the problem.

Terry offers a relaxed, old-school, hands-on club fitting service that is on site and underpinned by his innate understanding of the golf swing. I approached him recently with a classic set of clubs that I really liked and wanted to keep, but were somehow just not right. He assessed the issues and offered a solution that completely overhauled my set and gave me something that I am confident will improve my golf. All this with a smile and without breaking my wallet. The ‘big’ golf shops are too quick to sell you the latest and the greatest and aren’t interested in fixing and tweaking what you have.